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Frequently asked questions

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    What is a Zanzibar Visitor's Driving Permit?
    Driving in Zanzibar requires a permit issued by the local authorities in addition to your national or international driving license. This permit costs an additional $10 per driver valid for a month and can be arranged in advance by Zanzibar Rent A Car. Please email or whatsapp us a copy of your valid license.
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    Can you pick me up from the airport? the ferry? my hotel?
    Airport /Sea Port / Stone Town Area and up to 10km radius from Stone Town pick up and drop off free of charge. Deliver to different resorts and hotels on the island, delivery fee applies to cover the cost of petrol and driver, please ask for quotation.
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    What are your requirements to rent a car?
    Renter must be 23 years old and under 74 years of age. A valid National or International driver's license issued in your State or Country is acceptable in Zanzibar, however they must be presented together with a Zanzibar Visitor's Driving Permit.
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    Last day: Can I drop my car at the airport? the ferry? or can you collect it from my hotel?
    As you wish; We can arrange the details in advance, or if you can not decide until later, you can call us, email, sms, or WhatsApp us.
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    On the first day you rent a car with Zanzibar Rent a Car, we will provide you more than enough fuel to reach the nearest gas station. During your trip do not wait too long with putting gasoline. There are plenty of petrol stations all over the Zanzibar island and they are served by pump attendants.
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    What should I do if my vehicle breaks down?
    It is unlikely since all our vehicles are well serviced. You simply call the phone number provided with the vehicle and help is on the way. Is a free breakdown service.
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    Are additional drivers permitted?
    Yes, one to many additional driver are allowed. Additional driver must meet the same age and driver license requirement and be present at the time of rental.($10 USD extra each for the permit).
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    How far is your office from the airport?
    Our office is located about 10 minutes driving from the Airport. Is situated at Kilimani, Nyerere road, opposite Alrahma Hospital, See the map on the Contact page
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    What happens if I'm involved in a traffic accident?
    First, seek medical attention if needed. Secondly, for insurance purposes and your protection, you must file a police report. Then contact us so we are aware of the situation. We have a 24 hours assistance number : All our vehicles are fully insured, and your safety is our primary concern.
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    Can I drive on the beach?
    Sorry, its not allowed.
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    Traffic rules?
    Respecting the traffic rules! Do not drive more than the speed limit allows, do not park at prohibited. Traffic officers are usually friendly, will ask you for your driving license & driving permit, and have a cursory look around your car. Smile be friendly, In the unlikely event that you get into difficulty, give us a call.
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    Valuable Object?
    Never leave valuable subjects in the car.
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    Driving is on the left. Please take extra care when crossing or walking along busy roads. You will find that there are not always pavements or sufficient lighting in the evenings and cars do not automatically stop at Zebra crossings.
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    Food & drinks?
    Do not even think to save money with drinking the tap water. So do always have a bottle of purified water with you! During your trip you will see many exciting food sold on the street, but it is better to control you hunger and wait until you have found a clean restaurant.
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    Rush hours and busy areas?
    Traffic lights can only be found in Zanzibar town on the main road to and from central market and shopping complexes of Darajani and port access, where pedestrian density is high of the day time. Rush hour is between 7:00 to 8:00 and 15:00 to 16:00 on work days. Majority of the locals ride on motorbikes.
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    Police Stopped.
    There are some police checks on the roads. Make sure you have your driving license and the temporary Zanzibar drivers permit. Before you take the car make sure insurance as well as road license stickers on the windscreen and are valid for your rental days.
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